ZWCAD Professional/ Mechanical 2023 SP2/ ZW3D 2023 v27.00

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what is new in ZWCAD 2023

ZWCAD 2023 can be summarized as three keywords: efficient, user-friendly and connected. They also give a clear picture of what directions we’ve been working hard in to provide our users with an ultimate 2D CAD solution,” said Kyle HE, ZWCAD product manager.

ZW3D 2023 to facilitate efficient yet cost-effective product design and manufacturing. Not only does this come with an array of new enhanced platform functions including interaction, modeling, and machining, but it is equipped for the first time with the CAE module

ZW3D 2023 embodies:

Friendlier User Experience. Add commands in the new Mouse Gestures and Shortcut Bar conveniently instead of looking for them in the menu; there is a smarter way to add constraint inferences as well.

Multiple Smart Modeling Tools. With big time-savers such as Instance Parameter Table and Variable Spacing Table, you can modify parameter/variable values quickly for every pattern feature. Also, it empowers engineers to create product designs of higher & styling quality with G3 continuous surfaces. 

Large assembly, Expanded Industrial Applications. Several new functions have been added to accelerate the creation of exploded views, such as Exploded Trail and Reuse Exploded View.

Newly Structural Simulation. It allows you to perform structural statics, modal analysis, heat transfer, and structural dynamics analysis quickly with the newly available ZW3D Structural add-on to verify the rationality of product design.

Safe & Efficient Manufacturing Capacity. It raises your programming efficiency greatly with the sped-up calculation of QuickMill™ rough operations cutting the time needed by 70% on average. In addition, Full Machine Simulation has been upgraded to cater to more diversified and more complicated machining needs.

Download ZWCAD 2023 SP2

Download ZWSOFT ZWCAD Professional 2023 SP2 build 03.12.2022

Download ZWSOFT ZWCAD Mechanical 2023 SP2

Download ZWSOFT ZW3D 2023 v27.30

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