ZondST2D 5.2 Licensed

Download ZondST2D 5.2 Licensed


ZondST2d is designed  for two-dimensional interpretation of seismic tomography data on refracted and reflected waves (land, cross-borehole and water variants).

The software includes the following modules:

1. MASW/ReMi – surface waves data processing and interpretation,

2. Refraction waves forward modeling and inversion in arbitrary layered medium

3. attenuation tomography

4. velocity anisotropy

5. Reflection waves forward modeling and inversion in arbitrary layered medium.

ZondST2d represents ready solution for seismic tomography, and solves wide range of problems from mathematical modeling and quality control to field data processing and interpretation. Convenient interface and variety of data visualization features allow to solve wide range of geological problems with maximum effectiveness.

Basic features:

  • Measurements at the water surface and the water bottom. Borehole and cross-borehole systems. Any mixed system.
  • Four ways for specifying topography. Real-time editing.
  • Buffer for 5 models.
  • A set of tools for mathematical modeling of velocity section. Standard mesh “bitmap” style, arbitrary layered model and polygonal style model. Additional tools for gravity, magnetic forward modeling and for joint inversion(Vp&VS, MASW, reflection and refraction, TDEM, VES, gravity and magnetic).
  • Number of the inversion algorithms : smooth, focusing, robust, block. Setting the reference model for the inversion. Suppression of the noise component during inversion (robust reweighting).
  • Suppressing static shifts during inversion.
  • Setting of limits for models parameters, inserting of a priori geological boundaries and borehole data to inversion. Assignment of weights for datum records. Editor of measurements.
  • Estimation of results quality based on sensitivity matrix analysis. Calculation of sensitivity, quality and DOI index.
  • Number of variants for data, model and apriori information visualization. Ability to set a semitransparent background for the resistivity section (geological, seismic sections).
  • Three-dimensional visualization of the velocity sections along arbitrary system profiles. Maps slices of parameters for various depths.
  • Geological sections editor and borehole columns editor. Titled boreholes.
  • Exporting to bitmap and vector graphics formats, excel, surfer, AUTOCAD. Setting the scale of the exported image. Print images and create reports.

Download ZondST2D 5.2 Licensed

Download ZondST2D 5.2 Licensed

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