XYplorer PRO 22.70.0000

Download XYplorer PRO 22.70.0000


XYplorer là trình quản lý tệp cho Windows 7, 8 và 10. XYplorer là trình quản lý tệp kết hợp kết hợp các tính năng được tìm thấy trong trình quản lý tệp điều hướng và chính thống.

What is new in v22.00

XYplorer 22.00 has been released on 29-Jun-2021. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Column Layouts. Now you can load predefined and custom column layouts with just one click. Instead of laboriously collecting special columns, the photo column layout, for example, shows the date the photo was taken, dimensions, aspect ratio, exposure time, exposure compensation, F-stop, focal length, ISO sensitivity and camera model in no time at all. The audio column layout gives you length, sample rate, bit depth, bit rate and channels. You can adapt the column layouts to your particular needs.
  • Maximum Depth. Now you can easily narrow the search recursion depth. E.g. maximum depth 2 means: Search at the current location and 2 levels deeper.
  • Sorting Search Results. The new “Always sort search results this way” option lets you control exactly how all of your search results are initially sorted. Sorting column, sorting direction and even secondary sorting are supported.
  • Add Tabs Using Drag & Drop. Now you can turn a folder into a new tab by simply dragging and dropping it onto the empty part of the tab bar or the gaps between two tabs.
  • Autosize Columns Here. Now you can limit the automatic adjustment of the column sizes to the currently visible rows. This has two advantages: You don’t get super-wide columns for something that’s miles out of sight, and it’s much faster with long lists.

Download XYplorer PRO 22.70.0000

Download XYplorer PRO 22.70.0000

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