XirusCAD for Rhino 7

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Subdivision, bridges, Y-branches, smooth surface patches, starpoint creation with G2 or higher continuity and much more. XirusCAD provides a new, intuitive CAD solution for organic and freeform modeling. 

XirusCAD version : Added compatibility of XirusCAD surfaces with CurvatureAnalysis, DraftAngleAnalysis, Zebra Mesh, UV Editor, Curvature Graph. Improved XirusJoin functionality for XirusCAD surfaces.

Download XirusCAD for Rhino

Download XirusCAD for Rhino 7

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install XirusCAD for Rhino

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt

NOTE: Some software requires:

  • Disable anti-virus software when unpack and install
  • After the installation is done, open anti-virus software, add installation directory OR Cracked file to exclusion (including windows security)