WinAutomation Professional Plus

WinAutomation Professional Plus 9.2.4 free download

what is new in WinAutomation Professional Plus 9

This tool is used on the windows machine to automate repetitive tasks. This tool can create an excel file, read the data in the excel file and write the data in the same excel file. It can create files, delete copies, etc. on a windows machine on its own

WinAutomation provided by Softomotive is the world’s best desktop automation tool and provides a powerful, robust and easy to use Windows-based platform for building software robots.

It enables users to automate both desktop and web-based tasks. The product is an on-premise solution and runs on Windows operating system. WinAutomation features Software Robot Designer, which allows users to create data processes using drag-and-drop and default functions.

Download WinAutomation Professional Plus 9

Download WinAutomation Professional Plus 9.2.4

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