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Vero WorkXplore

WORKXPLORE is distinguished by having a powerful combination of full feature capabilities, highest overall functionality, and incredible speed. It is specifically developed to dramatically increase collaboration, productivity and effectiveness throughout your cross-functional product development activities including: design, process development, manufacturing, quality, sales and customer communication, purchasing, product documentation and others. 

The software is very easy to use and is designed for users who are not necessarily CAD experts to enable them to explore any type of 2D or 3D CAD file.

User Interface

WORKXPLORE has a clear, practical interface, giving users access to the full set of core functions directly from the home screen to ensure they are up and running with the software fast.

High Speed File Import/Export

WORKXPLORE enables users to build virtual unified prototypes or 3D models from files imported from various CAD applications. Users can work on model set up and improvements before committing time and resources to creating a real prototype.


Even non-expert CAD users can quickly get to grips with WORKXPLORE’s measurement functions and immediately obtain good results, by making use of the software’s predefined selection modes.


The need for 2D drawings is reduced as users can directly add dimensional and geometric measurements, annotations and labels to the 3D model.


WORKXPLORE also offers a range of analysis functions which are usually only available with more costly CAD solutions. As well as being extremely fast the functions are very easy to use.


WORKXPLORE includes a fully functional animation kernel allowing users to generate exploded views or animated assembly movements. Setting up animations is achieved by simply initiating basic movements such as translation, rotation or following a guide.


With WORKXPLORE users can generate screen captures to illustrate technical documents and assembly sheets. WORKXPLORE also possesses an image collector which also allows users to easily manage and distribute large volumes of images.


It is vital for company staff to be able to use communication tools that capture their personal expertise and enable this to be exploited by other staff members, whatever their CAD software skill level.  


WORKXPLORE allows users to easily share their CAD models throughout the entire design and manufacturing chain with all project members, whether they are product managers, marketing, sales, outside manufacturing consultants, customers and suppliers.

Download Vero WorkXplore 2021

Download Vero WorkXplore 2021

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