MAGIX VEGAS Pro Multilingual free download

MAGIX VEGAS Pro 17 Multilingual free download


MAGIX VEGAS là phần mềm chỉnh sửa video và âm thanh tiên tiến và mạnh mẽ. Nó có thể chỉnh sửa một loạt các tệp video và các tệp định dạng đa phương tiện khác. Nó bao gồm các biến đổi, hiệu ứng, chuyển tiếp khác nhau, và nhiều hơn nữa.  Khả năng render nhanh mà không làm giảm hiệu suất hoặc chất lượng.

VEGAS Pro 17 is here to make your video production more efficient than ever before. Explore multiple nested timelines, industry-leading HDR editing tools, and an easy-to-use, yet powerful color grading workflow. In combination with over 30 new features, VEGAS Pro 17 provides comprehensive workflow improvements that will supercharge your video productio

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Create nested timelines to organize projects and speed up your workflow. Easily move back and forth between nested and the main timeline. Or, access your nested timelines as independent VEGAS projects, so you can share parts of your project for a colleague to work on while you maintain control over the master project.


VEGAS Pro 17 now makes your color-correction workflow faster and more efficient than ever. With the Color Grading panel, streamline your workflow in a quick, efficient, logical process that’s cohesive, comprehensive, and easy to use. Switch to different timeline events and begin grading them instantly.

HLG HDR Color Support

VEGAS Pro 17 continues to lead the way in HDR editing with a start-to-finish workflow. Take advantage of GPU-based open color I/O processing to work in the new ACES 1.1 color standard, including HLG support, HDR color grading, HDR video scopes, internal and external HDR preview, and complete HDR delivery options.

Optical-Flow Slow Motion

Create even slower, even smoother slow motion with native tools built on proprietary optical flow technology which analyzes one frame to the next and then creates intermediary frames between them. The result: silky-smooth slow motion for results like never before built right into VEGAS Pro 17.

GPU accelerated decoding for AVC/HEVC

Take advantage of GPU acceleration for smoother timeline playback in VEGAS. Use the power in your graphics card to preview your project more efficiently than ever, even with effects, filters, and multiple video streams. VEGAS leverages your computer’s GPU for smoother, quicker playback.

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MAGIX VEGAS Pro Multilingual


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