Vectric Cut2D Pro 10.514 / Cut3D 1.110

Vectric Cut2D Pro 10.514 / Cut3D 1.110 free download

Vectric Cut2D Pro

Cut2D Pro gives you the power to produce complex 2D patterns with profile, pocket, drill and inlay toolpaths. With unlimited job and toolpath size, true shape nesting & job set-up sheets.

Cut2D Pro has easy to use vector drawing and editing tools with powerful 2D machining strategies for CNC routing, milling or engraving and provides a powerful but intuitive software solution for cutting parts on a CNC Router.

Complete set of 2D Design and Layout Tools

Easily create vectors from scratch or import and edit bitmap images

Create 2D Toolpaths

Including; Profiling, Pocketing, Drilling, Inlays and Quick Engraving

Ability to Merge Toolpaths

Combine toolpaths using the same tool to create one toolpath for efficient machining

Unlimited job and toolpath size

There are no limitations to the size of part or material that you can work with

Vectric Cut3D

Cut3D is a dedicated toolpath engine for CNC machining 3D models that have been designed using a 3D CAD or Graphics design product such as AutoCAD, Rhino3D, 3D Studio etc. or scanned using a laser or touch probe device. Cut3D’s exceptionally easy to use interface leads you step-by-step through the process of loading a model, setting the size, interactivately placing tabs to hold the job in place, calculating single, double or four sided roughing and finishing toolpaths, previewing the results and finally saving the CNC code to run on your machine.

3D Models that are too large / thick to machine because of gantry height, cutter length or limited material thickness can be ‘Sliced’ into separate pieces. Each slice can then be machined and the complete job assembled

Download Vectric Cut2D Pro and Cut3D

Download Vectric Cut2D Pro 10.514

Download Vectric Cut3D 1.110

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