Thermo Scientific AMIRA-AVIZO 2023.1 windows/ 9.0.1 MacOS

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Thermo Scientific AVIZO

Thermo Scientific Avizo Software is an all-in-one image analysis platform for the visualization, processing, and quantification of fibrous materials. Avizo Software enables the detection of manufacturing process damage, such as matrix cracking, fiber/matrix debonding, or fiber breakage. Defects in the material can be quantified locally (voids, cracks) or globally (cross-sectional distortions or misalignment).

Thermo Scientific Amira

Thermo Scientific Amira Software is a powerful, comprehensive, and versatile 2D–5D solution for visualizing, analyzing and understanding life science and biomedical research data from many image modalities, including Optical and Electron Microscopy, CT, MRI and other imaging techniques. With incredible speed and flexibility, Amira Software supports advanced 2D–5D bioimaging workflows in research areas ranging from structural and cellular biology to tissue imaging, neuroscience, preclinical imaging and bioengineering. From any 3D image data, including time series and multi-channel, Amira Software delivers a comprehensive range of data visualization, processing and analysis capabilities. Amira Software allows life science and biomedical researchers to gain invaluable insights into their data, at different scales and from any modality.

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Download Thermo Sientific AMIRA/AVIZO 2023.1windows

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Download Thermo Sientific AVIZO 9.0.1 MacOS

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