The Foundry MODO 15.2v2 Windows / 15.1v2 macOS

Download The Foundry MODO 15

Download The Foundry MODO 15.2v2 Windows / 15.1v2 macOS

Download MODO 15.2v2 Windows / 15.1v2 macOS

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What is new in Modo 15.0

MeshFusion has received a major revamp in Modo 15.0, with the UI being simplified and an emphasis being placed on a viewport-centric workflow for editing models. The inclusion of new selection modes such as Auto-Select, Source Select and Edit Attributes also now allows users to directly interact with their models, making it easier than ever to just click on a patch or source mesh to edit Surface Strips and Skirts. MeshFusion’s UI has also had a major overhaul, with windows and menus being simplified and compacted, making navigation easy and quicker than ever before.

Select source is a new mode in Modo 15.0, that allows you to select your source meshes in the viewport, instead of from the items list. Multiple source meshes can be selected and edited at the same time, making it easier and quicker to use MeshFusion than before.

Edit Attribute is another new mode in Modo 15.0 that helps to make usability a breeze. Edit Attribute allows you to isolate and edit single strips, patches and corners, making detailed edits and detailing a much simpler task.

The Chamfer Edit tool has been updated to allow the editing of rounded bevels. By ensuring that source segments are set to the same segment amount used, you are now able to change the offset, segment amount and curvature of a beveled edge with ease, making editing complex models a smoother and speedier process.

Modo 15.0 now allows you to enable cage mode by setting the subdivision level of a mesh to zero. This UX change cuts down on the amount of mouse clicks needed before a tool is ready to use and in turns allows your workflow to become more streamlined and efficient.

UnSubdivide is a brand new modeling tool in Modo 15.0 that allows you to reconstruct subdivisions in reverse and output a low density mesh. Perfect for creating low poly meshes for baking and optimization, this tool is available as a traditional tool in the modeling tool box, or as a procedural tool in the Mesh operation window.

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