Synopsys LucidShape 2.1

Download Synopsys LucidShape 2.1

Synopsys LucidShape

Automotive Lighting Design Software helping optical engineers speed into the future of automotive lighting design. An intelligent 3D CAD system for optical engineers. Bring your exterior lighting products to market ahead of your competitors.

Design and visualize your lighting designs better and faster with this workflow solution. Inspiring optical engineers to innovate within CATIA V5.

LucidShape version 2.1 includes the following new features for automotive lighting design:

  • The TreeView, which provides a hierarchical display of LucidShape model data, has been upgraded for faster performance and improved large model handling.
  • The Visualize Module, which delivers high-speed photorealistic images of an automotive lighting system’s lit appearance, has a simplified user interface that includes new presets and range controls to quickly fine tune results.
  • The Visualize Module Human Eye Vision Image (HEVI) interface includes new options for simulating and solving glare effects. Users have the option to choose from different glare models, including Vos and Holladay, and to include information that enables glare analysis as a function of angle and observer age.
  • Expanded 2D and 3D measured Bidirectional Scatter Distribution Function (BSDF) material libraries for high-accuracy modeling of surface scattering for materials used in automotive lighting.

Download Synopsys LucidShape 2.1

Download Synopsys LucidShape 2.1 x86-64

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install LucidShape 2.1

install LucidShape 2.1

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