DICAD Strakon Premium 2019 SP1

Download DICAD Strakon Premium 2019 SP1

DICAD Strakon 2019

STRAKON 2019 is a software for designing and modeling structures in three dimensions to design the most sophisticated structures with high speed and accuracy.

One of the advantages of Strakon Premium 2019 software is the 3D design functionality and more efficient handling of the workflow for the design, planning and construction of industrial and commercial structures. You can do many engineering calculations, design and model different parts of the structure in this software.

DICAD Strakon 2019 allows a detailed analysis of the structure and uses various international standards and norms to measure the quality of the structure.

Strakon 2019 provides the ability to combine two- and three-dimensional functions for hybrid design, thus allowing professionals to leverage the design of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes simultaneously.

Download DICAD Strakon 2019 SP1

Download DICAD Strakon Premium 2019 SP1

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Hướng dẫn cài đặt Strakon 2019

Install Strakon 2019

Copy all files in crack to C:\ProgramData\DICAD\DICAD.etc


OR  C:\DICAD.etc

Run file d2.exe with admin rights, enter code JC9A  and select register to activate