IBM SPSS modeler 18 windows/ mac

Download IBM SPSS modeler 18

IBM SPSS modeler 18

SPSS is software for logical statistical analysis and batch or non-batch data analysis. SPSS provides businesses with accurate and scientific business reports, now IBM has acquired and renamed IBM SPSS Statistics. IBM SPSS Modeler is an add-on product alongside IBM SPSS Statistics software

IBM SPSS Modeler helps us have an overview of the data source with accurate analysis and forecasting. IBM SPSS Modeler is a data science and predictive analytics platform, suitable for all users and businesses.

Download IBM SPSS modeler 18

Download IBM SPSS Modeler 18 x64

Download IBM SPSS Modeler 18 for Mac

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install SPSS modeler 18

see the readme file

Install SPSS Modeler 18

Copy file “lservrc”  to <installed dir>\bin ( C:\Program Files\IBM\SPSS\Modeler\18.0\bin)

Disable internet

Open SPSS Modeler 18

Use code in the readme.txt file to activate app