SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop 2024.0.1 SP0 / For Rhino & Revit

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what is new in SOFiSTiK

New starter package 3D FEM professional  

  • Extended licence package for BIM building workflows  
  • Finite Element Analysis and building design with modeling in Autodesk® Revit® or AutoCAD®
  • Includes the new SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator 
  • Full support of Revit’s new autonomous analytical model with the interface “Analysis + Design for Revit” 
  • Includes the newest elements for building design such as wall strip and slab strip elements 
  • Contains all features for member design (columns, beams,…)  

Get faster to the analytical model with the SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator 

  • As of Autodesk Revit 2023, the analytical model has to be generated manually. The SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator creates an analytical model automatically in no time
  • Model remains digitally consistent: Properties are adopted from the BIM model and links between the analytical and the BIM model are created 
  • Wide configuration options allow to customize the process in order to e.g. generate different analytical models for different design purposes

Flexible workflows: Create design elements with SOFiPLUS 

  • Design elements can now also be defined within SOFiPLUS(-X). Definition is possible as generic line element with start and end point or following an axis
  • Supports import of all design elements defined in Revit  
  • Design elements are required for several member design workflows (shear walls, beams, …) 

Combine loads and results faster and with more transparency 

  • Improved tasks “Combine Loads” and “Combine Results” 
  • Simplified workflow for automatic load combinations 
  • Faster overview of existing load combinations 

Full control through transparent results: Improvements for Task RSA reloaded 

  • Focus on essential results without indirection and identification of structural parts that are decisive for the seismic performance of the structure
  • Transparent tracing of the genesis of selected results of interest throughout the modal and directional combination workflow
  • Easy switch between different combination approaches for comparison

Create individual result reports 

  • Flexible reporting with new functionalities for user-defined result reports 
  • Reports from single tasks can be summarized and sorted as required


Download SOFiSTiK 2024

Download SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop 2024.0.1 SP0 Build 3 x64

Download SOFiSTiK 2024 SP0 Build 88 For Rhino 6-7 x64

Download SOFiSTiK 2023 includes:

SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop 2023 SP0

SOFiSTiK BIM Apps 2023-0 for Autodesk Revit 2023 x64

SOFiSTiK 2023 SP0 Build 48 For Rhino 6-7 x64

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