SketchUp Pro 2015 v15.0.9351 + Vray 2.0

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SketchUp pro 2015 is a 3D modeling software, for architects, engineers, video game developers, movie directors are related professions.

This software was originally developed by @Last Software company, based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. SketchUp pro stands out as a simple and fast idea expression tool with a graphical user interface.


  • No need for powerful hardware like other modeling software like  3D Max, FormZ, Maya.
  • An interface system with intelligent graphic pointer allows the user to construct three-dimensional drawings in the two-dimensional space of the screen.
  • Faces are simply defined based on a closed domain.
  • Create simple blocks quickly with the “push-pull” tool
  • Tool to edit block (extrude – widen) and create block according to given birth path (follow me tool)
  • The ability to simulate, correct the angle of the sun at all times of the year as well as cover viewing angles for near-instant effect.
  • The drawing is  rendered  at high speed based on a well-simplified low-poly model system, with a unique presentation style.
  • Extensive interoperability with other modeling software.
  • Can be combined with external renderers (Renderer) to produce better images (etc. IRender, Podium, Indigo, Kerkythea…)

Download SketchUp Pro 2015

Download SketchUp Pro 2015 v15.0.9351 + Vray 2.0

Password: 2020

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