SAS 9.4 M7 license valid 31/03/2024 free download

SAS 9.4 free download


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Initial Release of SAS 9.4

The initial release of SAS 9.4 was in 2013. SAS 9.4 includes features that are beneficial to all users at your site.

  • For IT departments, SAS 9.4 provides a simplified architecture, increased security (including enhanced encryption algorithms), and deployment options that include running SAS on premises or on a cloud infrastructure.
  • For SAS administrators, SAS 9.4 provides a broad suite of management capabilities that support management tasks, auditing, and software deployment and upgrades.
  • For data administrators, the integration of the DataFlux products creates a more complete data management solution. Also, additional programming languages enable you to manipulate your data and access relational data from various data sources.
  • For SAS programmers, high-performance analytics enable you to quickly analyze large amounts of data. Multi-threading capabilities enable you to perform analyses on single-machine deployments.
  • For the business user, SAS 9.4 extends the options for mobile access and self-service options for data access, reporting, and exploration.

SAS 9.4M6 (November 2018)

expands integration between SAS 9.4M6 and SAS Viya Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) engines. Security updates include upgrading to Java 8 runtime. This release includes programming and data access enhancements, new grid options for new customers, and accessibility enhancements.Here are additional changes to the SAS Intelligence Platform:

  • The SAS Web Server is now based on Apache Open Source HTTP server and it is completely built and packaged by SAS. It has also been upgraded from Apache HTTP server 2.2.34 to Apache HTTP server 2.4.34. As part of this upgrade, FIPS compliance is now supported.
  • The SAS Web Application Server is updated from Pivotal tcServer 3.2.5 (or Tomcat 8.5.13) to Pivotal tcServer 3.2.11 (or Tomcat 8.5.32).
  • The SAS Messaging Engine now uses ActiveMQ 5.15.5.
  • The SAS Cache Locator now uses GemFire 8.2.7.
  • SAS 9.4M6 includes support for preserving SSL for ActiveMQ during an update in place.
  • SAS 9.4M6 includes support for preserving SSL for GemFire during an update in place.

Download SAS 9.4M7

Download SAS 9.4M7 (license to 31/03/2024)

Download SAS 9.4M6 (license to 02/2022)

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installation guide

Licenses are located inside their directory (sid_files) and are usually identified during installation;

new licenses must be entered manually.

How to grant a new license to the program:

Select Start ► Programs ► SAS ► Utilities ► Renew SAS Software.

Right-click Renew SAS Software and select Run As Administrator.

If a User Access Control dialog box appears, click Allow. … Browse to the SAS installation data (SID) file on your machine

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