RhinoNest 4.6.18354.2 for Rhino

RhinoNest 4.6 free download


RhinoNest is fully integrated and designed for Rhinoceros and, therefore, provides optimization in minutes without the need for importing files from other software. RhinoNest supports all geometry types, eliminating the need for conversions.​

RhinoNest 4 allows for the optimization of any type of geometry with endless options for maximum reduction such as multiple panels, the use of real or rectangular shapes, priorities between objects, freedom, and more!

  • Enable slices in 3D objects
  • Define multiple panels
  • Position slices in the CPlane for subsequent optimization
  • Slice surfaces, solids and/or meshes
  • Automatically identify slices, text and/or simple trace text mode
  • Slice surfaces solids and/or meshes
  • Check Update Notes

Download RhinoNest 4.6

Download RhinoNest 4.6 for Rhino

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Installation instructions: see file readme.txt