Questa Advanced Simulator 2021.1 / v10.7c

Download Questa Advanced Simulator 2021.1 / v10.7c

QuestaSim or Questa Advanced Simulator software from Mentor Graphics provided for simulation, programming testing and debugging of FPGA and SoC chips.

Download Questa Advanced Simulator 2021.1 / v10.7c

download Questa Advanced Simulator 2021, Questa Advanced Simulator v10

Download Questa Advanced Simulator 2021.1

Download Questa Advanced Simulator v10.7c

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What is new in Questa Advanced Simulator 2021

The program supports many hardware description languages ​​such as Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL, SystemC, PSL and UPF, and with various tools that provide you with the ability to test the programming of the above chips before the actual design and implementation Gives. Questa Simulator is the core of Questa’s comprehensive simulation and debugging platform, which reduces the risk of evaluating these chips. Questa Sim covers many abstract layers from Transaction Level Modeling (TLM) to RTL, gates, transistors and for the design and evaluation of Soc and FPGA chips. Supports open (OVM) and comprehensive assessment (UVM) methods to increase test productivity, automation, and reusability.

Features of QuestaSim

  • High efficiency and support for several hardware description languages
  • Efficient and advanced evaluations
  • Easy to use and fast debugging
  • Automatic production of tests
  • Multi-core simulation and parallel testing
  • And…

required system

Windows 7/8/10 x86 / x64

install Questa Advanced Simulator 2021

see the readme file