ESI ProCAST Suite v2021.5

ESI ProCAST Suite v2021.5 free download


With ESI ProCAST you can cast your parts right the first time, every time –meeting your deadlines and never wasting money on scrap parts or late redesigns. For decades, customers have relied upon ProCAST as their go-to tool for the casting basics – filling, solidification, and porosity prediction. With its finite element technology, it also predicts complex issues like deformations and residual stresses and comprehensively addresses most castable alloys and most casting processes like sand castings, die castings, investment castings, and multiple variants associated with these processes.

Benefits of ProCAST

  • Predict, analyze, measure and quantify the most common casting defects in the earliest stages of design (E.g., Volume of porosity measured, as in Tomography)
  • Simulate the entire process – from furnace to final casting to capturing and tracking all physics. (E.g., Start with the dosing of the sleeve to predict early air entrainment)
  • Comprehensively compute radiation with view factors to account for the shadowing effects, common in high-temperature investment castings
  • Compute stresses through the process, both during solidification inside the mold and cooling outside the mold, predict final distortions and evaluate them easily with 3D scanner measurements
  • Predict grain structure including equiaxed & single crystal, microstructure, and mechanical properties
  • Automatically determine the casting part’s best process window to reach the final quality goal through DOE, Optimization & Process Robustness analysis

Download ESI ProCAST Suite v2021.5

Download ESI ProCAST Suite v2021.5

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