Power Surfacing RE v8.0 free download

Power Surfacing RE v8.0 free download

what is Power Surfacing RE

Power Surfacing RE (Reverse Engineering) is the solution you need to get your job done effectively and quickly. Our Power Surfacing RE product has a unique set of tools to allow you to rebuild shapes in SOLIDWORKS from a large variety of polygonal meshes. It can import meshes from: 3D scanners, Finite Element Modeling, 3D sculpting programs, 3D printer files, other polygonal modeling tools, and online polygonal model databases. Power Surfacing RE has the ability to constrain to and reference underlying meshes to capture the original design shape. The Power Surfacing RE tools enable you to quickly define a Power Surface shape over the top of the referenced mesh. With the existing Power Surfacing tools you will be able to modify and evolve the design.

New in Power Surfacing RE

The 6.1 release is a power packed upgrade for Power Surfacing RE. Version 6.1 is a big boost to workflow efficiency, making Power Surfacing RE a powerful, unmatched tool for reverse engineering scanned meshes, other meshes, or SOLIDWORKS geometry. The 6.1 version also includes many new general Power Surfacing tools (which are all included in Power Surfacing RE). See the Power Surfacing product page for an overview of the new Power Surfacing 6.1 features. See a video highlighting the new Power Surfacing RE 6.1 features. Here is a list of some of the major Power Surfacing RE new 6.1 features.

  • New Quad Wrap: improved for accuracy, speed, better topology. Will also automatically detect and close most open edges.
  • Improved Shrink Wrap: automatically checks for and fixes many self-intersections.
  • Mesh Smooth: new command that will smooth out the entire mesh. Great for messy imported mesh cleanup.
  • Mesh Offset: Offset the mesh to make a thickness.
  • Import point clouds (OBJ files)

Download Power Surfacing RE 8

Download Power Surfacing RE v8.0 for SolidWorks 2020-2023

Download Power Surfacing RE v6.1 for SolidWorks 2017-2021

Download Power Surfacing RE v2.4 – v4.2 for SolidWorks 2012-2018

Password: 2020 OR 1soft.link

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install Power Surfacing RE

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt