PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V22 Update 2 free download

PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V22 Update 2 free download

what is new in PLAXIS 3D CE V22

PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V22 ( contains the following improvements and updates compared to PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V22.00

New features

New rock model: N2PC-MCT
For improved modelling of rock creep, we added the Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion to the N2PC-Salt model. This model is added as ‘CreepRock_N2PC_MCT’ to the user-defined soil model n2pc_salt64.dll

Major overhaul of the data structure of the material database
Existing materials database has been replaced with new material objects data structure, providing better command-line support, side-panel warnings and richer editing experience for material models.
This change also means:

  • Required changes to material dataset object structure can make older commands or Python scripts incompatible
  • Legacy global material database files (*.matbd) are not compatible
  • PLAXIS Output can only read PLAXIS files calculated and saved in the current version
  • PLAXIS SoilTest *.vlc files are not supported

Improved unit system
Improved handling of units through a uniform unit system, maintaining consistent physical dimensions of the PLAXIS model following changes to the project units.

Improved import and export of DXF and STEP files

  • Improved handling of project units for import and export of *.DXF and *.STEP files.
  • Added support for writing custom project units during export
  • The import window now offers a side-panel with warnings and access to an import log

Local axes for polycurves
Support for manual definition of local axes for polycurves.

Technology Preview: Import surface or subsurface topography as triangulated surfaces
You can now import a surface or subsurface topography which are defined as triangulated surfaces through *.OBJ and *.STL file formats.

Technology Preview: Soil-structure interaction (SSI)
We can now handle soil-structure interaction with structural modelling packages through a super element import, and export of reaction forces and displacements

Upgraded Python environments
Upgraded Python environments to Python 3.8.x with the purpose of fixing security vulnerabilities in included OpenSSL library.

Fixed issues

A large number of issues have been addressed, including:

  • [378022] Fixed an issue in PLAXIS Input that would trigger “Unbalanced calls to end batch rename mode”
  • [513593] Fixed an issue for Output scripting where GUIDs for groups and phases were mixed.
  • [563369] Fixed an issue in the K0 procedure for the Jointed Rock model where the strength was also applied to the intact rock, which in some case led to plastic points in the rock mass
  • [569715] Fixed an issue with read-only parameters on the command line after just opening a PLAXIS file.
  • [580833] The pack project option incorrectly compressed files using the .zip compression. It is now restored to use the .7z compression methods for enhanced filesize reduction
  • [587755] Fixed an issue with inactivate interfaces when the manually defined stiffness values Kn/Ks were used
  • [616806] Plate rotation values are shown again in table and plots
  • [621418] Fixed a performance issue for loading specific results in PLAXIS 3D Output that included Updated mesh.
  • [680973] Fixed an issue that enables intergranular strain-concept again for the Hypoplastic model (UDSM)
  • [700930] Fixed visualizations for state parameters of the NorSand model (UDSM)
  • [716979] Solved a problem in the Hoek-Brown constitutive model causing slow convergence while performing safety calculations. Additionally, the state of “Failure point” has been fixed as not accurate in some situations.
  • [762276] Fixed issue in the NorSand model that could cause numerical divergence with updating stiffness matrix for each step

Compatibility notes: Due to the major changes in the material database and the unit system, PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition Version 22 will be installed alongside Version 21, instead of overwriting it. When opening PLAXIS 3D V21 projects with PLAXIS 3D V22, projects will automatically be saved as a converted copy with the _converted suffix and will require recalculation. When using non-SI-units, the mesh also needs to be regenerated.

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