Download Plaxis 2D Pro v9.0 / v8.6

Plaxis 2D pro v9.02 free download


PLAXIS is software  specially developed for the analysis of strain, stability and flow in the geotechnical engineering of the construction industry. is software specialized in analyzing the behavior of the ground to the construction.

Plaxis 2D is very powerful software to solve foundation soil mechanics problems especially in slope stability and earth retaining wall. This software can take into account the consolidation of the soil so it can be said that it can model the ground

PLAXIS 2D includes PLAXIS Dynamics, PLAXIS PlaxFlow and PLAXIS Thermal modules, forming a software package for analyzing deformation and stability in geotechnical problems. This is a powerful and user-friendly finite method calculation software package. The software provides the professional tools needed to analyze complex projects in engineering works

Download Plaxis 2D pro v9.02

Download plaxis 2d v9.02.612

Download plaxis 2d v8.6


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install Plaxis 2D v9

Plaxis 2D pro v9.02

See attached readme file

plaxis 2d pro v8.6

Please read instructions carefully before installation 

1) Install (setup.exe) in (“Plaxis Professional 8.2\Setup”).

2) When asked for the registration disk, point to (USERDEF.PUF) in (“activate plaxis 8.2\cr@ck”)

3) Choose setup type “personal computer installation”. Install also the hardlock drivers when asked.

4) Install hardlock drivers. run file “hldrv32” in (“Plaxis Professional 8.2\Others from Haytham\Programs Related to Plaxis”)

5) Install the update to v8.6. run file “setup.exe” in (“Plaxis Professional 8.2\plaxis_8.2_update”).

6) copy batch.exe, geo.exe, plaxout.exe, hlvdd.dll from (“activate plaxis 8.2\cr@ck”) into installdirectory (overwrite existing files).

7) Install (Plaxis2DV86.exe) in (“activate plaxis 8.2\Plaxis2DV86”).

8) copy batch.exe, hlvdd.dll from (“activate plaxis 8.2\Plaxis2DV86\cr@ck”) into installdirectory (overwrite existing files).

9) Finish. Run Plaxis input & start using the program.