Tower Numerics tnxTower(RISATower) and tnxFoundation Beta

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tnxTower là tên gọi mới của phần mềm RISATower, là một phần mềm tính toán, phân tích thiết kế kế cấu Tháp thép của hãng RISA và hiện tại đã được Tower Numerics Inc mua lại và chuyển sang tên gọi mới là tnxTower

Một phần mềm khác cũng sử dụng trong thiết kế tháp thép là MSTower, tuy nhiên hiện tại phần mềm MStower vẫn chưa có bản fix.

Tower Numerics tnxFoundation Beta

tnxFoundation is a standalone application for tower foundation design. It may be used as an extension of tnxTower, or as a separate program. tnxFoundation features automatic import of support geometry and load data from tnxTower analyses. Alternatively, this information can be entered manually for each foundation design project.

Tính năng của phần mềm tnxTower

Complete Standards Support

The program analyzes towers using the ANSI/TIA-222-H Standard or any of the previous TIA/EIA Standards back to RS-222 (1959). Steel design is checked using the TIA/EIA Standards, AISC ASD 9th Edition or the AISC LRFD Specifications, as applicable. The Canadian Standard CSA S37-01 is available as well.

Powerful Analysis & Design

tnxTower’s rapid model creation tools, 3-D frame-truss models and automatic wind force and ice loading generation capabilities are just a few of the features that make this industry-standard software the premier choice for all types of communication towers.

Top-notch Graphical Presentation

Graphical display of tower geometry, appurtenances, internal forces, stresses and displacements are created automatically.

Extensive graphics plots include material take-off, shear-moment, leg compression, displacement, twist, feed line, guy anchor and stress plots. tnxTower contains unique features such as True Cable behavior, hog rod take-up, foundation stiffness and much more.

Download Tower Numerics tnxTower

Tải phần mềm tnxTower 8, download tnxTower 8

Download Tower Numerics tnxTower

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Download Tower Numerics tnxTower


Download RISATower 5.4


Download Tower Numerics tnxFoundation Beta



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insstall Tower Numerics tnxTower 8

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