KBC Petro-SIM & SIM Reactor Suite 7.2 Build 3137

Petro-SIM & SIM Reactor Suite 7.2 free download

KBC Petro-SIM and the SIM Reactor suite

Petro-SIM is KBC’s leading process simulation software and optimization platform for driving excellence in facility performance and organizational productivity. At the core of Petro-SIM’s technology are rigorous process simulation models which generate dependable results in an intelligent, user-friendly environment.

Petro-SIM process simulation software is the go-to technology for upstream, midstream and downstream refinery and petrochemical processes.

Key features of Petro-SIM include:

  • Addresses each phase of the facility and asset lifecycle.
  • Integrates processes, pipelines and utility systems within a single environment, including highly detailed sizing and rating models for unit operations.
  • Built to work in real-time, for monitoring unit health and profitability.
  • Allows superior collaboration and version control, and the ability to build in your own design standards and checks.
  • Contains all the infrastructure to connect and manage messy real-world data, including historian connections, data validation and reconciliation.
  • Supports data and model analytics, with all simulation calculations stored in a database for historical analysis and datamining.

SIM Reactor Suite is a leading refinery simulation software which carries out rigorous refinery and petrochemical reactor models. Working in tandem with Petro-SIM, these models are the industry’s most trusted analytical tools for conversion unit monitoring, planning, optimization and design and engineering studies. Our SIM Reactor Suite contains over 20 unit models that combine detailed, thorough kinetic reactor simulation with accurate and comprehensive product separation.

Download Petro-SIM & SIM Reactor Suite 7.2

Download KBC Petro-SIM and the SIM Reactor Suite 7.2 x64

Download KBC Petro-SIM and the SIM Reactor Suite 6.2 Build 1530 x86 – x64

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