OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition 2021 R1 Update 10 v10.10.01.03

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OpenRoads Designer

OpenRoads Designer introduces a new comprehensive modeling environment to provide construction-driven engineering to help accelerate project delivery of road networks, unifying design and construction processes from concept to completion. The application provides complete detailed design capabilities for surveying, drainage, subsurface utilities, and roadway design that that supersedes all capabilities previously delivered through InRoads, GEOPAK, MX, and PowerCivil.

OpenRoads Designer redefines best practices for  generating design and construction deliverables and ensures the exchange of data throughout the project delivery and asset lifecycle. Using OpenRoads Designer, you can:

  • Assemble context data rapidly from a variety of sources, such as traditional survey, point clouds, 3D reality meshes, terrain data, images, and geospatial information to bring real-world settings to your project.  
  • Achieve exponential modeling performance gains with its model-centric production of design deliverables. 
  • Enable users to share project information across teams, locations, and disciplines with precision and security. 
  • Produce multi-discipline documentation for all work on assets across the project. 
  • Share realistic visualizations with the public and stakeholders to gather feedback, improve public engagements, and speed project approvals.
  • Advance your BIM workflows in a digital twin authoring environment while supporting the creation of all your traditional and digital design deliverables.


  • Automate drawing production
  • Create horizontal and vertical alignments
  • Create profiles and cross sections
  • Design and analyze corridors
  • Geospatially locate projects
  • Design in context
  • Model and analyze terrain
  • Model, analyze, and design complete stormwater and sanitary sewer networks
  • Model earthwork
  • Support BIM workflows
  • Perform design-time analysis
  • Reuse common design layouts
  • Visualize designs

Download OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition 2021

Download OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition 2021

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