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Oasys Pile – Pile Analysis & Foundation Design Solutions

Oasys Pile is a tool developed to enable engineers analyse the behaviour and inform their design of axial and vertically loaded piles, and is a core component of our Piling Pro and Piling Bundles. 

For the analysis of piled foundations such as monopiles, and modelling isolated single piles, Oasys Pile provides users with the ability to perform typical requirements for projects where ground conditions are uncertain, variable and complex, including where there are substantial depths to bedrock.

Civil engineers and geotechnical engineers responsible for routine foundation design use Oasys Pile as part of their toolbox, addressing the need of calculations that cannot easily be replicated using spreadsheets. Pile provides users with a validated, robust and user-friendly method of calculations, ensuring acceptable and appropriate QA and QC standards are met. Used alongside Oasys Alp and Oasys AdSec, it allows geotechnical and structural engineers to communicate and make informed design decisions.

Download Oasys Pile 19

Download Oasys Pile

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