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Oasys PDisp

Oasys PDisp is a tool that provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful and robust methods to analyse ground movements due to pressure and heave loading. PDisp is a core component of our Ground Movement Bundle and Geotechnical Suite, both in Pro and Basic versions. 

Oasys PDisp allows users to assess ground movements resulting from pressure in their projects, and therefore control, limit and/or mitigate any excessive ground displacements which could detrimentally affect existing or future assets.  

Analyse ground movements due to pressure:

  1. Oasys PDisp calculates displacements (and stresses if required) within a linear elastic or non-linear soil mass, arising from uniform normal or tangential pressure, applied to rectangular, polygonal and circular loaded planes.
  2. PDisp calculates time-rate 1D consolidation for linear problems using the finite difference approach.
  3. PDisp is ideal for predicting the displacements that may arise due to the action of several loads in a soil mass.
  4. PDisp can be used with Oasys XDisp to run building and utility damage assessments.

Download Oasys PDisp 20

Download Oasys PDisp

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