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Oasys Alp — Laterally-Loaded Piles Analysis Software. For the analysis of piled foundations such as monopiles, and modelling isolated single piles, Oasys Alp provides users with the ability to perform typical requirements for projects where ground conditions are uncertain, variable and complex, including where there are substantial depths to bedrock

Civil engineers and geotechnical engineers responsible for routine foundation design use Oasys Alp as part of their toolbox, addressing the need of calculations that cannot easily be replicated using spreadsheets. Alp provides users with a validated, robust and user-friendly method of calculations, ensuring acceptable and appropriate QA and QC standards are met. Used alongside Oasys Pile and Oasys AdSec, it allows geotechnical and structural engineers to communicate and make informed design decisions.  

Oasys Alp 19.4: New Features

  • Allow specification of increasing E with depth
  • Pushover analysis is now included
  • “P” modification factors added
  • Additional COM functions to obtain the maximum bending moment and shear force down the pile
  • Section object revised for generated sections, and specification simplified
  • Moment Curvature Curves: Add Moment vs curvature curves, which allows the user to model non-linear bending stiffness of the pile
  • JSON file input/output added
  • Adjustment to P-y curves for layered soil effects added

Oasys Alp 19.4: Fixes

  • COM : Bending Moment values to be reported correctly at nodes where rotational springs or applied moments are present
    [ALP-58](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 22)
  • Concrete code not saved in new files
    [ALP-80](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 23)
  • New variable loads get reset to permanent
    [ALP-82](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 23)
  • Reinforcement edits not saved correctly in new files
    [ALP-85](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 23)
  • Analysis type defaulting to Pushover and no check for pushover data
    [ALP-96](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 24)
  • Program not accepting two different EI value sections
    [ALP-99](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 24)
  • Program crashes on selecting Steel as material for pile
    [ALP-102](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 24)
  • Issues with ALP JSON files
    [ALP-122](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 27)
  • Issues with File -> SaveAs functionality in ALP
    [ALP-121](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 28)
  • Alp crashes when opening some 19.3 files.
    [ALP-128](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 28)
  • Sections data is being modified when opening files saved with Alp 19.3, in Alp 19.4.
    [GE-123](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 28)
  • COM function ExportCSV not giving any results
    [GE-143](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 28)
  • Alp crashes when closing reinforcement dialog.
    [GE-565](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 28)
  • Company name and logo path are truncated when re-opening file.
    [GE-575](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 28)
  • Adding COM functions for setting restraints in Alp 19.4
    [GE-580](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 28)
  • Section reinforcement dialog does not save reinforcement data.
    [GE-587](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 29)
  • ALP is slow to open a file from network and analyse it.
    [GE-621](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 29)
  • Grid output view for Alp.
    [GE-128](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 30)
  • COM function in ALP SetNodeLoadDisp not working.
    [GE-683](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 30)
  • Issue with Save function in ALP com interface.
    [GE-687](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 30)
  • Correct the syntax for filepath in sample file Alp_ComTest.py.
    [GE-671](Released in Alp 19.4 Build 30)

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Download Oasys Alp 19

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