Download NVivo Release 1.3 v20.3.0 Windows / v12 macOS

Download NVivo Release 1.3 Windows / v12 macOS

NVivo Plus

Nvivo plus trước đây là Nvivo, trước đây các phiên bản cũ được phát hành theo số thứ tự v10, v11 và v12, từ phiên bản Nvivo 2020 này hãng QSR đã sửa lại tên gọi mới là NVivo Plus Release 1.1 v20.x

Nvivo is a good software for storing, managing and statistically analyzing data. In fact, this program is an integrated environment for storing all kinds of files and text, video, audio and 4 data. You can easily register all your office, Word, slides, PDF files, information tables, databases related to your project or research in this program. In addition to each file, you can list additional information, important points and preliminary results. Then you can perform quantitative and qualitative analyzes through the tools available in this software

With NVivo you can: 

  • Save time and work more efficiently.
  • Quickly import, analyze and explore data.
  • Uncover connections in ways that aren’t possible manually.
  • Rigorously back-up findings with evidence

Download NVivo Plus Release 1.3 for windows / v12 macos

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Download NVivo Plus Release 1.3 v20.3.0 x64 windows / Nvivo 12  macOS

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Download guide / Hướng dẫn tải phần mềm

install NVivo Plus Release 1.3

view the readme file

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NVivo Plus Release 1.3
NVivo Plus Release 1.3

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