NUMECA Fine Marine 9.2 x64 + Docs and Tutorials

NUMECA Fine/Marine 9.2


CFD software fully dedicated to naval architecture. NUMECA has created CFD software that functions as a virtual towing tank, with built-in automation features, designed specifically for the marine industry. 

FINE™/Marine offers a powerful, customized graphical user interface, with integrated marine-dedicated features, for the simulation of mono-fluid and multi-fluid flows around any kind of ship, boat or yacht, including various types of appendages.

Free surface flows

FINE™/Marine can be used as both a virtual towing tank and virtual wind tunnel. It has been developed with total focus on flows involving free surface. This requires efficient free surface modeling taking into account both water and air, appropriate turbulence modeling, and efficient grid adaptation

Adaptive mesh refinement and overset grid method

FINE™/Marine features a variety of mesh strategies for bodies with motions: weighted mesh deformations (ship trim and sink); sliding grids (propeller rotation); and overset grids (complex motions, appendages).

Automatic set-up of the CFD chain with C-Wizard

he C-Wizard drastically reduces engineering time for complete CFD simulation set-up through an automated process.  

It uses all the scripting tools from the interface to automatically set up different applications, such as:

  • Resistance at low and high Froude numbers
  • Seakeeping
  • (Self-)propulsion
  • Planing hulls
  • VPP
  • Trim optimization

Rhino plug-in for a seamless workflow

Rhino plug-in for FINE™/Marine, CAD models can be exported from the Rhinoceros interface directly to C-Wizard or to our meshing environment, hasslefree.


Resistance calculation is a standard in FINE™/Marine and can be set up automatically with the C-Wizard.


Several options are available for the modeling of propellers and the interaction of the propeller with the hull and appendages.

The dedicated C-wizard for the design of open propellers fully automatically organizes the meshing and solver set-up with appropriate boundary conditions.

Large validation experience shows the importance of:

  • Actuator disks for quick and accurate global trends
  • Sliding grid approach for detailed propulsion analysis
  • Turbulence modeling: from standard K-W to advanced DES models
  • Ventilation and cavitation modeling

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Download NUMECA Fine/Marine 9.2 + Docs and Tutorials

Download NUMECA Fine/Marine 9.2 x64 + Docs and Tutorials

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