Nexus Copy Number 10.0

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Nexus Copy Number

User-friendly and Powerful Statistical Tools

Arming researchers with advanced genomic data analysis and visualization tools. Easy-to-use software provides cutting-edge statistical tools to advance scientific discovery.

Features and Benefits

  • Identification of cooperating events, enrichment analysis, and clustering
  • Comparisons between genomic profiles to identify statistically significant differences
  • Analysis and visualization of multiple samples in parallel – no bioinformatics expertise required
  • Integration of mRNA, miRNA, sequence variants, methylation and copy number changes to identify genomic hotspots
  • Query for region/gene across multiple projects from GEO and TCGA via Nexus DB repository
  • Integrate phenotypic and genomic data to uncover significant correlations

Download Nexus Copy Number 10.0

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Download Nexus Copy Number 10.0

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Nexus Copy Number 10.0