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The process modelling methodology implemented in Mobatec Modeller is based on the hierarchical decomposition of processes into networks of elementary systems and physical connections. This process modelling software combines two approaches to modelling: equation based modelling and flowsheeting. This makes it an advanced process modelling software which is best described as an Equation Based Flowsheeter.
Equation based (white box) modelling is flexible, as users can create custom tailored models to their own needs resulting in a high fidelity simulations. Conventionally equation based modellers require a programming language, used by the user to transform (code) the model equations into lots of lines of code in order for solver to solve the model. This code is not transparent, and even experienced users need time to use, modify or improve existing models. With Mobatec Modeller no knowledge of code (programming) is required, equations are written almost as on paper and the code is generated automatically by the software.

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Download Mobatec Modeller v4.15192

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