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midas nGen

midas nGen is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of general construction engineering operations. With the help of this powerful and, of course, efficient software, you will be able to perform 3D modeling and simulation operations for your construction projects. You will also be able to analyze your modeling using this product. On the other hand, you can combine your two-dimensional designs and drawings, along with three-dimensional modeling with this software to achieve a comprehensive solution in your construction process.

Midas nGen software, with its automated and optimized features, comprehensive structural drawings, structural computational reports, and high-performance impressions, helps construction engineers to spend time producing high-quality, high-efficiency products. Significantly reduce the shape. The creators of this product believe that when you use this software, you will receive a quality output with ease

Features of midas nGen software

  • Benefit from a very dynamic and convenient interface that will simplify working conditions
  • 2D and 3D simulation and modeling for your building structures
  • Advanced and very detailed analysis of your models and simulations
  • Provide comprehensive solutions to your modeling process with automated structural layout
  • Ability to automatically generate members used in your 2D designs
  • Benefit from high precision operation with the help of details in the modeling you are considering
  • Automatic mesh production is provided by members
  • Providing optimal design mechanism to achieve the best performance
  • And…

Required system

Operating Systems
Windows 10
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 7 (In Windows Vista Operating System, program compatibility issue occurs in some functionality.)
Windows Vista
Windows XP

Recommended Hardware
Processor: Pentium IV or better performing PC processor (Pentium IV 3GHz or greater recommended)
Memory: 1GB (2GB or greater recommended)
Disk space: 5 GB (30GB or greater recommended)
Video Memory: 128 MB or greater
Video Card: GeForce NVIDIA type video card recommended (On-board video card is not recommended.)

Download midas nGen 2022 v2.2

Download midas nGen 2022 v2.2 free

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Name: lavteam.org
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