Download midas nGen 2020 v2.2+ Drawing

Download midas nGen 2020

midas nGen 2020

midas nGen is the most advanced structural engineering system, which has integrated the total process of structural engineering practice – 3D modeling

Features of midas nGen software

  • Benefit from a very dynamic and convenient interface that will simplify working conditions
  • 2D and 3D simulation and modeling for your building structures
  • Advanced and very detailed analysis of your models and simulations
  • Provide comprehensive solutions to your modeling process with automated structural layout
  • Ability to automatically generate members used in your 2D designs
  • Benefit from high precision operation with the help of details in the modeling you are considering
  • Automatic mesh production is provided by members
  • Providing optimal design mechanism to achieve the best performance
  • And…

Download midas nGen 2020 v2.2+ Drawing

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Download midas nGen 2020 v2.2 + Drawing

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