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what is new in midas MeshFree

midas MeshFree is a cutting-edge design and analysis technology developed through the collaboration with SAMSUNG Electronics. It performs simulation of the original model you have designed without any modification. Conventional FEM required tedious and time consuming model idealization and cleanup process.

what is new in midas MeshFree

Improved Convergence of Stress Results (Improved Stress Recovery)

MeshFree showed very high agreement with the target solution (FEM) regardless of reference memory for deformation and stress throughout the structure through NAFEMS benchmark verification, but for stress concentration areas such as notches, a problem has been found in which error fluctuations occur rather than a solution that converges according to the reference memory.

By improving the stress recovery method, the convergence of the solution is gradually improved as the grid density is improved. This allows the user to determine the level of reference memory to perform simple subdivided studies according to the analysis purpose

Add Function to Select Faces Based on the Same Color. By adding it as a new Toolbar function, you can conveniently and freely select the same color face before or during the analysis condition function, and it can be used very strongly in conjunction with the 3D CAD tool

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