Download midas FEA NX 2020 v1.1 full

Download midas FEA NX 2020 v1.1 full

Midas FEA NX

midas FEA NX hay trước đây là midas FEA

Fidas FEA NX , formerly known as midas FEA, is an engineering and specialized software for highly advanced analysis of nonlinear systems and details. The software in front of you is able to analyze non-linear systems in a very advanced way according to its advanced and new technologies. Many civil engineers around the world use this product to perform their analyzes. This product also has unique simulation and modeling capabilities that bring you the conditions for modeling.

When you are analyzing very complex and important systems, the accuracy of your action will be very important. Therefore, the manufacturers of this product have tried to implement the utmost care in this product. So you will be able to use this software to do your analysis for different elements accurately and deeply. That way, you won’t make any mistakes in your calculations with this product.

Among the main features of this software, we can mention the user interface of this product. The creators of this product have prepared a very software-based software for you by designing and building a very suitable framework. Other features of this software include the possibility of making complex geometric models by providing advanced geometric functions. It should also be noted that you will be able to fully control your analysis using this product.

Features of midas FEA NX 2020

  • Benefiting from a user interface with a very convenient framework that makes it easy for the user
  • It provides the possibility of very advanced analysis of nonlinear systems in detail
  • Take advantage of the unique feature of advanced simulation and modeling
  • Very high accuracy in your calculations and analyzes and reducing your possible mistakes
  • Benefit and provide advanced geometric functions to build and create complex geometric models
  • It is possible to have complete control over your analysis
  • Use Auto-mesh, Map-mesh and Protrud-mesh methods to optimize models
  • And…

Required system midas FEA NX 

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 7

Recommended Hardware

Processor: Pentium IV or better performing PC processor (Pentium IV 3GHz or greater recommended)

Memory: 1GB (2GB or greater recommended)

Disk space: 5 GB (30GB or greater recommended)

Video Memory: 128 MB or greater

Video Card: GeForce NVIDIA type video card recommended (On-board video card is not recommended.)

Download midas FEA NX 2020 v1.1 full

phần mềm midas FEA NX 2020, download midas FEA NX 2020

Download midas FEA NX 2020

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Install Midas FEA NX 2020

l Midas FEA NX 2020
l Midas FEA NX 2020

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