MathWorks MATLAB R2021a v9.10 Windows MacOS

MathWorks MATLAB R2021a free download

Download MathWorks MATLAB R2021a

Download MATLAB R2021a windows macos

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MathWorks MATLAB R2021a

what is new?

Major Updates

  • Aerospace Blockset – Perform high-level mission planning for spacecraft and small satellites using the new Orbit Propagator, CubeSat Vehicle, and Attitude Profile blocks
  • Aerospace Toolbox – Define aircraft configuration and dynamics for stability and control analyses, and design and analyze scenarios of satellites and ground stations
  • Antenna Toolbox – Estimate efficiency and losses in metal antennas with finite conductivity and thickness using a catalog of materials, e.g., copper, tin, and gold
  • Audio Toolbox – AI-powered single-line signal analytics for audio, speech, and acoustics with underlying pretrained deep networks and machine learning models
  • Computer Vision Toolbox – Support for labeling and deep learning with arbitrarily large images
  • Datafeed Toolbox – Connect to Bloomberg using C++ interfaces and leverage Trading Toolbox functionality merged into Datafeed Toolbox
  • Mixed-Signal Blockset – Mixed-Signal Analyzer app to import, visualize, and post-process Cadence simulation results and mixed-signal waveforms
  • Navigation Toolbox – Implement multisensor and landmark SLAM; simulate GNSS sensors with improved accuracy
  • Polyspace Bug Finder Access – Polyspace Analysis as You Code: Run static code analysis and view results in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Eclipse
  • Reinforcement Learning Toolbox – Create, train, and simulate reinforcement learning agents interactively with Reinforcement Learning Designer app
  • System Composer – Capture behaviors in sequence diagrams, state charts, and Simulink models; design, simulate, and deploy software architectures
  • Vehicle Network Toolbox – Decode and visualize CAN FD and CAN bus traffic with the CAN FD Explorer and CAN Explorer apps

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