LRTimelapse Pro 6.5.2 windows/ 6.2.1 macOS

Download LRTimelapse Pro 6.5.2

LRTimelapse Pro

LRTimelapse 6 provides the most comprehensive solution for time lapse editing, keyframing, grading and rendering. No matter if on Windows or Mac, or which camera you use: LRTimelapse will take your time lapse results to the next level.

  • Keyframe and grade timelapse sequences in an all-raw-file-based workflow, together with Lightroom Classic.
  • Animate and keyframe more than 400 Lightroom tools.
  • Create perfect Day-to-Night and Night-to-Day timelapse transitions with the Holy-Grail-Wizard.
  • Smoothen your timelapses with the lossless Multi-Pass-Visual Deflicker and the special LRT Motion Blur blending technology.
  • Supports any camera that is supported by Lightroom
  • Render the final clips in different formats like MP4/H.264 and H.265/HEVC and also professional formats like Prores and DNxHR.
  • Render in resolutions up to 8K and beyond.
  • Best possible color rendition due to lossless Raw to Rec.2020 color transfer in a fully color managed workflow.
  • Special workflow for Long Term / Construction Timelapses.
  • Powerful batch capabilities to edit and render multiple timelapses as fast as possible.

LRTimelapse is being used by the majority of timelapse photographers all over the world, because it enables them to use their favorite photographic tools (Lightroom Classic or Adobe Camera RAW) to produce time lapses with all the advantages and power that those tools offer for image editing.

what is new in LRTimelapse 6

Here is what’s changed in this Bugfix-Release:

  • Fix: Visual previews sometimes caused timeouts after returning from Lightroom. This annoying issue was unfortunately introduced with 6.1, please update asap to avoid it.
  • Fix: Metadata / Exiftool error when writing orientation into the intermediaries that the internal export generates.
  • Fix: Folder move sometimes failed without giving an error.
  • Fix: For fresh sequences without any edits, a MASKS_1 snapshot was generated, this won’t happen anymore.

Download LRTimelapse Pro 6

Download LRTimelapse Pro 6.5.2 windows

Download LRTimelapse Pro 6.2.1 macOS

Download LRTimelapse Pro 5.5.8 windows/ macOS

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