Kongsberg LedaFlow Engineering & Multiflash v6.2.61

KONGSBERG LedaFlow Engineering 2.6

KONGSBERG LedaFlow Engineering

LedaFlow Engineering is a software from Kongsberg Gruppen for simulating multi-phase unstable fluids

LedaFlow is based on models that are closer to the actual physics of multiphase flow and provides the step change in accuracy and detail needed for longer tiebacks, deeper water and harsher environments. More modelling details can be found in the product sheet.


LedaFlow Engineering 1D is a standalone engineering tool for transient multiphase flow simulation studies of oil, water and gas in wells and pipelines. It is a complete simulator used by Flow Assurance, Process, Production and Reservoir Engineers through the project life cycle to address gas/liquid, thermal, solid and integrity challenges.

The ability to simulate transient or time dependent behaviour means that the operability of the production system can be better understood to ensure a successful design and to maximise production from existing operations.


The LedaFlow Point Model is the steady-state plug-in solution for a single location in a well or flowline. This mechanistic model is used to provide initial conditions for transient multiphase flow modelling and make it available to third parties including their steady-state simulation software.

The LedaFlow Point Model is currently available in the following steady-state simulators

  • Synergi from DNV-GL
  • Maximus from KBC
  • Prosper and GAP from Petroleum Experts
  • Pipesim from Schlumberger
  • VMGSim from Virtual Materials Group
  • Wellflo and Reo from Weatherfor

Download KONGSBERG LedaFlow Engineering 2.6

Download Kongsberg LedaFlow Engineering & Multiflash v6.2.61

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KONGSBERG LedaFlow Engineering full license
KONGSBERG LedaFlow Engineering full license