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what is new in KOMPAS-3D

ASCON forged the KOMPAS-3D design system to be so powerful that it manages projects with thousands of sub-assemblies, parts, and objects from standards libraries. It provides you with all the 3D modeling capabilities that are standard among mid-level CAD/CAM programs

Solid Modeling
Solid modeling typically starts by drawing 2D sketch objects, which you turn into 3D parts fixing them with constraints, extruding them by specified distances, rotating them about their axis, and so on.

Surface Modeling
Surface models typically begin with the creation of 2D and 3D profiles made from all sorts of curves, spatial lines, and points.

Sheet Metal Modeling
KOMPAS-3D designs all kinds of sheet metal parts, instrument packages, electrical cabinets, brackets, and so on with its sheet metal functions.

Object Modeling
Instead of drawing sketches and modeling parts, image adding them to assemblies much more quickly with the assistance of pre-drawn objects.

System Requirements

 MinimumRecommendedFor large assemblies
OSWindows 8.1 х64, Windows 10 х64
Processor, GHzOSmin≥3≥4
RAM, GBOSmin≥16≥32
Graphics cardOpenGL 2.0OpenGL 4.5, 80 GB/sOpenGL 4.5, 140 GB/s
VRAM, GBOSmin≥2≥4
AdditionallyDisplay HDDisplay FullHDDisplay FullHD, SSD

Download KOMPAS-3D 20

Download KOMPAS-3D 20

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