Download Kerio Control 9.4.3 build 8243

Download Kerio Control 9

Kerio Control 9

Kerio Control is the complete security product of Kerio Technologies. Kerio Control brings together all the functions of the most modern firewall systems, including firewalls, routers, intrusion detection and prevention (IDS\IPS), VPN and application filters, web content filtering. … all provide an ideal security solution for every business.

With the UTM Server system as well as useful features built into the product, Kerio Control is a perfect and powerful tool to prevent and prevent security-related problems as well as optimize operations. dynamics of the network system.

Download Kerio Control 9

Download Kerio Control 9

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install kerio control 9

After entering the license, you can update the antivirus and IPS and use the Categorization feature related to Web Filter. Obviously, these features require a connection to GFI servers, which is why you need a license to use them. Without a license or after the expiration of Software Maintenance, the product will work without any problems and only these updates will not work. Due to internal (!) And external sanctions for updates, you need to use a proxy server that you can enter in the Parent proxy server section of the Proxy Server tab.

Important Note: In order for your updates and WF to work, you need to make sure that the DNS tab in the Local DNS lookup section or that the Host table is disabled, or if it is enabled, no record there will prevent the Kerio servers from being resolved correctly


in this version, the user has authentication through Active Directory. If you are using AD, do not upgrade to this version. GFI says it is working to solve the problem