JMP Statistical Discovery Pro 16.2 windows / MacOS

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Predictive analytics software for scientists and engineers

As the pro version of JMP statistical discovery software, JMP Pro goes to the next level by offering all the capabilities of JMP plus advanced features for more sophisticated analysis, including predictive modeling and cross-validation techniques. Users can harness the power and speed of the supercomputer on their desk to explore and understand data in an easy-to-use interface.

Build better models

Anyone can do a fair job of describing last year’s performance. But without the right predictive analytics tools, building a model to predict what will happen with new customers, new processes or new risks becomes much more difficult. JMP Pro offers a rich set of algorithms that lets you build better models of your data.

Improve your predictive models to help make better decisions

Enhance the power of your predictive models with various types of data, including unstructured text data you’ve collected – repair logs, engineering reports, customer survey response comments and more. You can use JMP Pro to organize and transform that data into usable additions to your predictive models, enabling more confident decision making.


JMP System Requirements

Download JMP Statistical Discovery Pro 16.2

Download JMP Statistical Discovery Pro 16.2 windows / MacOS

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