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Download phần mềm IMSPost v8.3h Suite full free

Download IMSPost v8.3h Suite full free


IMSpost, the world’s most advanced postprocessing software, transforms CAD/CAM cutter location (CL) files into the specific machine (G/M) codes required by NC machines. With a flexible library of standard postprocessors and machine configurations, you can begin to generate NC files immediately.

The intuitive IMSpost user interface (with a checklist and Windows GUI) provides an efficient work environment that works seamlessly with all major CAD/CAM systems and hardware platforms. IMS macro processor, with source level debugger, provides support for the most complicated postprocessor configurations.
IMSpost features include:

  • High speed machining
  • Automatic conversion of point-to-point data to NURBS format
  • User-customized interface or menus (call your own DLLs, scripts, or programs during postprocessor execution)
  • Arc fitting of point-to-point data in any plane
  • CL file read ahead
  • Advanced linearization for multi-axis machines
  • Optimized output using linear tangency
  • State-of-the-art technology, using C++ and Windows GUI
  • Support of all machine classes with any number of linear or rotary axes
  • 5-axis drilling cycles
  • Automatic support of co-linear axes
  • Canned cycles or simulated drilling cycles for machines without cycle support
  • Use of the same postprocessor for any CAM system or hardware platform
  • Easy-to-use macro language and source level debugging tool that traces output line-by-line and statement-by-statement
  • Access to all internal postprocessor variables and source code
  • Conversational output style support
  • User-definable postprocessor syntax
  • Integrated controller emulation/reverse post technology

Integrated APT/CL, G-code, and machine view provide the complete picture for CNC post development.

The IMSpost virtual CNC controller offers complete analysis of the machine code and provides a true picture of the tool motion. The virtual controller provides support for NC controls from all major manufacturers.

IMSPost là phần mềm chuyển đổi các tệp vị trí cắt (CAD) CAD / CAM thành các mã máy (G / M) (gcode) cụ thể theo yêu cầu của các máy NC. Với thư viện linh hoạt của các bộ xử lý chuẩn và cấu hình máy, bạn có thể bắt đầu tạo các tệp NC ngay lập tức.

IMSpost v8 làm việc hiệu quả hoạt động trơn tru với tất cả các hệ thống CAD / CAM và nền tảng phần cứng chính. Bộ xử lý macro IMS, với trình gỡ lỗi cấp nguồn, cung cấp hỗ trợ cho các cấu hình xử lý hậu xử lý phức tạp nhất.

Các tính năng của IMSpost bao gồm:

  • High speed machining
  • Auto-convert point-to-point data to NURBS format
  • Customization of user interfaces or menus (DLLs, scripts or other programs during the execution of post-processing operations)
  • Precise reading of CL files
  • Advanced linearization for multi-axis devices
  • Generate optimal output by linear tangential systems
  • The high speed of the program due to the use of ++ C
  • Support for most CNC machines in different business classes from linear to rotary machines
  • 5 axis piercing cycles
  • Use of similar processor backhaul for a variety of hardware and CAM systems
  • Ease of use of macros and debugger languages ​​to track program outputs in line-to-line

Download IMSPost v8.3h Suite full free

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Download IMSPost v8.3h Suite full


pass giải nén: thuthuat-phanmem.top

Hướng dẫn cài đặt IMSPost v8

Tùy phiên bản, xem hướng dẫn trong file readme đính kèm

1. Install IMSPost/IMSVerify/IMSpexec

2. Copy “ims_SSQ.lic” to <IMS program folder> (by default C:\Program Files\IMS )

3. Create system environment variable IMSDIR_LICENSE_FILE pointing to ims_SSQ.lic

4. Reboot

Ok done

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