Download GrindEQ Math Utilities 2020

GrindEQ Math Utilities 2020

GrindEQ Math Utilities 2020

GrindEQ Math Utilities is a specialized software for converting Microsoft Word to latex and AMS-LaTeX or TeX format editing. This type of format is especially understandable by programs such as Mesmatica and MATLAB. Of course, the opposite is also possible, and you can convert latex formats to Word format. You can edit the equivalents written in the old format with the new version. It is possible to create multiple references and resources in the program. This software can extract images stored in your Word file and convert the image to PostScript.

If necessary, you can open your desired document with this program and print it directly and immediately. By converting Word to latex, you can edit the equations and you can change the equations to your liking. BibTeX bibliographies are supported, and if needed, you can change only the private part of what you set for the program, instead of converting your entire Word file to latex. It doesn’t matter if your Word is 32-bit or 64-bit, both versions are supported by this software. If necessary, you can also convert batch and multiple conversions, ie convert several different files at the same time.

What’s New GrindEQ Math Utilities 2020

Please read the most important changes between major GrindEQ versions. Our team is working on improvement of the conversion quality. Try the new faster and more powerful version of GrindEQ!

  • Improved compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft Office;
  • Fixed compatibility issue with the latest version of Ghostscript;
  • Improved conversion of LaTeX packages;
  • Added support for LTX files;
  • Fixed text conversion issue in MathType-to-Equation.

Features of GrindEQ Math Utilities

  • Several different languages ​​are supported by this software.
  • Ability to convert Word files to latex format
  • Convert latex to editable documents such as Word
  • If your file is very large, convert it to several 60-page sections and then perform the conversion operation on the file, as there will be a lot of pressure on your processor and RAM.

required system 

Microsoft Windows Vista / 7/8/10

Microsoft Word 2010/2013/2016/2019/365 64-bit

Download GrindEQ Math Utilities 2020

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