Gray Technical Excel Draw 3.0.9 

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Gray Technical Excel Draw

Create, manage, preview and even export drawings to DXF using Excel! Excel Draw will allow you to take your XYZ data and draw directly in Microsoft Excel!

With Excel Draw, you can create engineering and engineering CAD-style drawings directly inside Microsoft Excel without the need for CAD. The Excel Draw version 3 add-in gives you the ability to open, import, create, chart, export, and view X1 Y1 Z1 X2 Y2 Z2 data in 3D using only Excel. With Excel Draw, you can ensure that anyone with an Excel version can view your drawings regardless of whether they have CAD or not! This saves you, your customers and your company valuable time and money. No other software needed, no waiting time for customer or colleague’s software approval rights. Create, view, send, and even export directly into DXF drawings, all from within Microsoft Excel!

Excel Draw v3

  • Graph drawing objects: Rectangles, Lines, Points, Circles, Text and now Arcs *NEW
  • CAD style command line input option *NEW
  • Display multiple drawings inside one workbook *IMPROVED
  • Calculate distances between objects *NEW
  • Custom and Default origin options *NEW
  • Manage multiple objects with highlighting selection *NEW
  • Customize drawings colors *NEW
  • Rotate, pan and zoom in 3D *IMPROVED
  • Automatically update values and objects in real time *IMPROVED
  • Use Absolute, Relative, Z and Non Z objects interchangeably
  • Export drawings into several formats:
  • Make sure anyone with Excel can view your drawing!

Download Gray Technical Excel Draw 3

Gray Technical Excel Draw 3.0.9

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