Golden Software Grapher 20.1.251 x64

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what is new in Golden Software Grapher 20

Multiple breaks on a single axis – The Break Axis control has been greatly improved, allowing you to add more than one break to each axis; you can now add as many breaks as you want. Breaks can be formatted with you preferred symbol or break indicator, and positioned at the desired location along the axis.

Inverse relationships on linked axes – Axes can now be linked to eachother using an inverse relationship between the parent and child axes. This new feature allows for plotting inverse relationships, such as the relationship between Temperature and Activation Energy as seen in the Arrhenius plot below

Minor tick divisions on Log10 and Ln scale axes – Specify exactly how many minor tick divisions/spaces you want on your axes

Tick labels – offset in X and Y directions – Get fine control over the positions of your tick mark labels on X and Y axes. Control the offset in both the X and Y directions to position your labels exactly where you need them.

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Download Golden Software Grapher 20

Download Golden Software Grapher 20.1.251 x64

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