Geo-Plus VisionLidar 2020 version

Geo-Plus VisionLidar 2020

Geo-Plus VisionLidar

Geo-Plus VisionLidar is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of mapping. In fact, the software in front of you will be a very efficient program for civil engineering. In fact, with the help of this software, you can use cloud maps to do your mapping work in the best way. With this program, you can enter the necessary data and information on the maps instantly and then view the resulting changes. This software is able to perform complex calculations with high processing speed.

Using VisionLidar software allows you to find a new solution for direct access to field data. This application will significantly save your time. This software with the ability to detect objects in maps can process your data with high accuracy. On the other hand, using this software is very simple. There is a very high order in this software. So that you, as a civil engineer, can carry out complex projects with ease.

This software can help you visualize, process, classify, segment, animate and edit Point Clouds maps. Also, this software does not have any restrictions for the user and you can do all kinds of processes with this program.

Features and specifications of VisionLidar

  • View two-dimensional and three-dimensional cloud maps
  • Ability to apply instant and permanent changes to maps
  • Use the tool to quickly edit map data
  • Smartly calculate your information based on available data
  • Ability to detect objects on existing maps
  • Ability to share your projects with other people

VisionLidar System Requirements

Processor: I7
HD: 100GB

Use of GPU Y
Stereo Display N
List software environment, eg Microstation AutoCAD, BricsCAD, MicroStation, Powerdraft
Supported Systems ALS, MLS, TLS
Source of Point Clouds Airborne Lidar, Indoor TLS, Outdoor TLS, Photogrammetric, Rada

Download Geo-Plus VisionLidar 2020 

Download Geo-Plus VisionLidar 2020 version

Password: 2020

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