Download Furix BetterWMF 2021a v7.51

Download Furix BetterWMF 2021


What is BetterWMF?

BetterWMF solves AutoCAD problems related to copying and pasting drawings into other software packages like Microsoft Word.

If you have ever tried to insert an AutoCAD picture into for example a Microsoft Office document you may have noticed several problems: To start with, you will get unwanted borders. The resulting size of a picture is the same as the graphics area of the AutoCAD window at the time of creation, rather than matching the selected objects.

This usually means that pictures copied from AutoCAD to other Windows applications will have a large blank area to the top or right.
Also when you print the document with the picture you will notice that all lines will become equally (very) thin.
Finally you will have discovered that it is very difficult to size your picture to an accurate scale.

With BetterWMF no workaround is necessary: Just load an ARX inside AutoCAD or run Bclipbrd.exe outside AutoCAD and any picture you cut and paste from AutoCAD to another program will be improved on-the-fly

Download Furix BetterWMF 2021

Support autocad 2017 to autocad 2021

Download BetterWMF 2021a v7.51

Download BetterWMF v6.0

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