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Full Convert Ultimate

The easiest way to copy your data to another database

We support all popular databases – ancient, modern, file-based, relational, on-premise, cloud databases.


  • Over 30 database engines supported directly with no drivers needed
  • If we don’t support your database directly, we provide ODBC connection you can use (practically all databases provide ODBC driver as a fallback)
  • There is no limit to the database and table size. Billions of records supported.
  • Automatic data type translation to the closest match in the target database
  • Automatic optimal load mode determined for each table
  • Customizable data type mapping rules
  • Customizable schema mapping rules
  • Customizable casing for tables and columns
  • Six different logs – summary, errors, warnings, whole SQL, failed SQL, JSON
  • Custom script and system commands can be run before or after the conversion
  • Both 32- and 64-bit version applications included
  • Dedicated console application included
  • Email notification on conversion in console mode
  • Table mapping validation
  • Powerful per-table mapping overriding per-project settings
  • Custom WHERE expressions to filter the range of data copied
  • Recreate target tables from scratch or copy the data into existing ones
  • Automatic translation of common default value expressions
  • Automatic detection of incompatible default expressions
  • Quick table de/selection with instant filter and toggle
  • Built-in scheduler for recurring conversions
  • Built-in target database browser
  • Full Unicode support for international character sets
  • Support for 11 additional enterprise-class databases
  • Data comparison between the source and the target database
  • Sophisticated visualization of differences between compared tables
  • One-way synchronization of data for all tables with primary or unique key defined
  • Ability to set a custom row comparison key with automatic uniqueness checking
  • Full support for multi-column row keys
  • Easy verification of data copied during a standard conversion
  • Our most-powerful database migration engine able to run up to 16 jobs in parallel for the ultimate performance

Download Full Convert Ultimate v21

Download Full Convert Ultimate v21

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