formZ Pro 9.2.0 windows/ 8.6.0 macOS

formZ Pro 9.2.0 free download

formZ Pro

form•Z pro is a powerful 3D design application featuring a variety of modeling personalities and tools with an easy to use interface to express and communicate your imagination. It is based on advanced 3D solid and surface modeling methods that maintain accurate representations as you progress from design to visualization, layout, animation and fabrication.


  • Available for MacOS X 10.11 or later and Windows 7/8/10.
  • Surface Modeling tools including Booleans, NURBS and Subdivision Surfaces.
  • Native support for 64 architecture on OS X allows for more content creation.
  • Imports SKP, KMZ, DWG, DXF, DAE, OBJ, SAT, STEP and STL files.
  • Exports SKP, DWG, DXF, SAT, STEP, DAE, and STL for 3D printing.

WHAT IS NEW IN form•Z v9

There are a number of changes in form•Z v9 “under the hood”. While these are not glamorous improvements, they are core changes that improve the form•Z platform and are designed to improve performance, stability and allow future development for years to come.
These improvements include a new memory manager, new ACIS library and new instance engine among many others.

form•Z v9 Platforms supported.

  • Mac OS 10.11 (or later).
  • 64 bit editions of Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

Download formZ Pro 9.2.0 windows/ 8.6.0 macOS

Download formZ Pro 9.2.0 windows/ 8.6.0 macOS

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install formZ Pro 9.2.0

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt

NOTE: Some software requires:

  • Disable anti-virus software when unpack and install
  • After the installation is done, open anti-virus software, add installation directory OR Cracked file to exclusion (including windows security)